A reputation for excellence

We live in a world crowded with information. There is a plethora of national and cross-border databases that hold detailed records on companies and individuals.

These databases are being added to daily through our use of business and social networks, underpinned by the ever increasing power and convergence of technologies, and the availability of smart communication devices.

But without knowledge, experience and insight this mass of information is of little worth when hiring top talent, it pays to be able to see the wood for the trees.

At Thorp & Partners, we have spent more than twenty years identifying, tracking and assessing companies, boards and their leadership teams to ensure that our searches produce quickly the best candidates, who go on to achieve long term results for our clients.

Thorp & Partners is a founder member of the
Tinzon Group, an international alliance of independently owned and operated executive search firms. Between us we provide our clients with the global reach and industry expertise they need through close collaboration, shared knowledge and specialised local resources.